Research and strategy project for Concedo

  • Internship
  • Oslo
  • Monday 11. Feb, 23:59
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Start: February 2019
Duration: 8 week, 10-15 hours per week
Team: 4 students
How to apply? See information below.

The projects initiated by the Concedo is facilitated through The Innovation Effects learning and innovation program. In this program the students who participate are given the mandate to challenge the company, and present innovative ideas to solve the challenges that the company is facing. The goal of the program is to stimulate learning and co-creation between young creative minds and innovative companies. The project is paid, part-time with flexible work-hours and is compatible with full-time studies and other part-time jobs.

About the company and project:
Concedo is an oil company focusing on exploration activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The company is in general positive to new technologies. RockWash has in recent years, developed technology for washing and analyzing well cuttings. Concedo, which has licensed some of this data, is of the opinion that the RockWash analysis give a new and exciting way of looking at the well section.

In this project the student team will explore available technologies Concedo can utilize to improve their analysis of well samples. The project will focus on technologies within machine learning and artificial intelligence and examine how these technologies can be implemented into Concedos operations.

  • Planning and execution of the project
  • Qualitative research and analysis
  • Exploration of new technology
  • Development of report with recommendations
  • Presentation of results

We seek students with competence within one or more of the following disciplines:
  • Geology or Geoscience
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

How to apply:
Firstly, make a profile on our webpage here.
Secondly, send your resumé and a short cover letter to Siv at with the subject field “Application for Concedo project”.
PS: We are recruiting continuously!
Contact person

Siv Brødsjømoen

+47 957 05 968